Reading Ramp is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides 1-on-1 online reading lessons to struggling readers - plus coaching and curriculum to caregivers and tutors - so that we can work together to break the cycle of illiteracy.

Is your child struggling to read - and losing confidence? Are you worried - and not sure what to do?

Some people have a REALLY hard time learning to read, but there is hope for EVERY struggling reader! We are here to help parents and children overcome reading difficulties using proven, research-based methods.

Our Reading Ramp to Success includes:

  • Online, 1-on-1 sessions with a reading specialist. Only $20 each (25-minutes, 3 to 5 days a week).
  • Fun and effective - even for kiddos with dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, and other learning differences.
  • Research-based structured literacy curriculum combining phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, and Orton-Gillingham methods.

Online, personalized, fun, and effective lessons taught by trained reading specialists.  

Research-Based structured literacy curriculum with an emphasis on phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics.

Workshops, training, and coaching for caregivers, teachers, and tutors.

Real Clients, Real Results

"We are so happy with Reading Ramp!  My son (age 6) has struggled with learning to read.  In kindergarten, he was always behind and first grade started out the same.  Then we started online lessons and my son has improved by leaps and bounds in just 4 weeks.  His teacher at school commented today that he is doing much better with reading.  I think he’ll be caught up to grade level really soon."


"My daughter loves going to her lessons and reminds me each day of the time to get online! Her teacher is patient, kind - and my daughter says she's funny too. 😊 I’m thankful that she gives me updates and ways I can support the tutoring process. I can see the confidence in my daughter growing. Thanks so much!"


"My daughter's teacher is awesome and truly cares about our daughter. She is challenged and learning so much but having fun doing it. In the first six weeks of doing the program, our daughter's reading level went up a whole grade level. While that is truly impressive, more important to us, her confidence has skyrocketed! She now tries to read everything she sees and isn't afraid to tackle harder words. I'm so thankful for the Reading Ramp team and what they have done for our family. "


Read XYZ Testimonial

Our daughter's reading level went up a whole grade level in just the first 6 weeks of lessons. While that is truly impressive, more important to us, her confidence has skyrocketed!

- Norah's Mom

Are You Starting to Panic Because Your Child is Falling Behind?
If you're like most of the parents I work with, you're feeling worried, anxious and confused about what to do next.   The thing is, 1 in 5 children in the US struggles to read at grade level. Students who are behind in 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school. What's even more scary is that 85% of kids in juvenile detention are poor readers

The stakes are high, but you can be the hero they need!
It's time for you to step in so they can...
  • meet and exceed grade level benchmarks
  • feel confident at school
  • read books "just for fun"
  • do homework without your help
(And so you can relax and stop worrying!)

Yes, this will work. Even if your child...

  • has dyslexia, ADHD, autism or developmental delays 
  • forgets letter names and confuses look-alike letters like b and d
  • has trouble sounding out simple words
  • turns homework time into a huge battle

More Happy Parents...

"Reading Ramp really understands dyslexia and teaches in a patient and kind manner. In the past, everyone who has worked with my 9 year old has given up. He is finally making reading progress since he has started tutoring with Lisa. I am very grateful we found Reading Ramp!"


"We are so thrilled with her progress and I’m glad the data backs up what we are seeing. Her reading has really exploded and I’m so grateful I found your program. I have referred so many friends, I hope they all listen to me and contact you."


"My 9 year old son’s reading was already close to grade level, but in just 6 weeks he has jumped over a year ahead and is feeling much more confident! My 7 year old daughter has some developmental challenges that affect her learning, but Lisa and the Reading Ramp program have helped her make significant progress."


Testimonial at ReadXYZ

We tried so many things that didn't work - but this program is awesome! Nate went from reading 12 words per minute to 75 words per minute this year. His special ed teacher is SO excited for him - and Nate is so proud of himself. Thank you!!

- Nate's Mom

We Help Your Kids LEARN to READ so They can READ to LEARN

ReadXYZ We ahelp your kids learn to read

Effective - It Works

Reading Ramp works for kids with or without disabilities - including dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, ADHD, autism and other learning differences. We combine phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics and Orton Gillingham methods to tackle the root causes.

ReadXYZ We ahelp your kids learn to read

Affordable - Only $20/Session

Reading Ramp is the  most effective, most convenient and most affordable professional option available. We strive to make professional reading therapy accessible.

ReadXYZ We ahelp your kids learn to read

Convenient - Online

No need to waste time and money driving across town. You choose when, where, and how often you do the reading sessions. All lessons are 1-on-1with a trained reading specialist.

We Love Our Parents and Students!

"Thank you Lisa, for you guidance and this wonderful program. You have made a huge difference in Nick's educational journey. We are so grateful."

Nick's Mom

"Reading Ramp has been an answer to many prayers. We've searched for years for this kind of instruction for our daughter who struggles with dyslexia. Our daughter can now get face to face attention in the comfort of her own home at a price we can afford."

Norah's Mom
"Medi is really enjoying your program. She is motivated by the challenges you present and the animals she earns with her progress. She looks forward to interacting with you because she know there is no pressure and that she is going to have fun. Thank you for reminding her that learning doesn't have to be a struggle, it can be fun at each stage."

Medi's Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Our reading lessons work great for neuro-typical kids, but most of our students have some kind of learning disability or developmental delay. The curriculum works for kids with dyslexia and/or phonological awareness deficits, ADHD, autism, auditory processing disorder, speech disorders, low IQ, undiagnosed disabilities and other difficulties.

Our reading specialists use a research-based curriculum that combines exercises in phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, orthographic mapping and Orton-Gillingham methods to ensure mastery. Working 1-on-1 with the students several times a week provides consistent practice and reinforcement. The neural pathways necessary for reading become stronger and stronger, and the child’s orthographic mapping system becomes efficient at storing and retrieving words.

The curriculum starts with letter sounds and moves up to about a 8th grade level, so most of our students are between the ages of 4 and 14 - but the program works great for older students who are reading below grade level as well. 

We understand that juggling family schedules can get crazy. You can reschedule any lesson with 24 hours notice – or take a longer break for vacation or illness.

Hi there! I'm Lisa, founder of Reading Ramp. I have a son with dyslexia, and a passion for helping kids like him - and parents like you. Questions? Submit the form or email