Word Family Workbooks for Beginning Readers

21 professional workbooks based on the science of reading!

Is your child having a hard time learning to read?  These printable workbooks are ALL YOU NEED to teach them every 3-letter CVC word the fast and easy way.

Scope and Sequence

Level 1: Short /a/ (8 books)
- at, ag, ap, an, ab, ad, am, ax

Level 2: Short /i/ (4 books)
- it, ig, ip, in, id, ib, im, ix

Level 3: Short /o/ (4 books)
- ot, op, og, ob, od, ox, on

Level 4: Short /u/ (3 books)
- ut, ud, ub, ug, us, un, um

Level 5: Short /e/  (2 books)
-et, ed, en, eg, em

Each workbook features at least 1 word family (bat, cat, sat for example) and  has 10+  phonological awareness and multi-sensory activities - plus a delightful decodable story that kids LOVE being able to read all by themselves!

Exactly What You Need to Teach Your Child to Read... the FUN, FAST, and EASY Way!