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Make the letter sounds stick once and for all with these memorable mnemonic flashcards.

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Improve your child's phonological awareness and blending skills - and have fun doing it!

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Help your child differentiate between letters like b and d with these cute posters.

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Make sure your child learns to form letters correctly with these colorful worksheets.

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Teach your child to read their first 15 words! They'll be reading bat, cat, sat, fat - STAT!

[FREE] Letter Sound Workbook

Help your child memorize the most common letter sounds: a, b, c, m, r, s, and t!

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These structured literacy workbooks are based on the science of reading and incorporate aspects of the Orton-Gillingham approach. They include instruction in phonological awareness, synthetic phonics, fluency, and comprehension. 

Word Family Workbooks

Teach 3-letter words with these fun and effective printable workbooks.

Letter Sound Workbooks

Help your child learn their letter sounds once and for all - the fast and easy way!

b & d Reversal Workbook

Finally fix those pesky letter reversals with 20 pages of effective activities.